How to care


Glass prostheses


  • we recommend a weekly cleaning of your glass eye prosthesis
  • it suffices to remove the prosthesis and rinse it in a bowl of water. Never put it directly into the water coming from the faucet, it might slip and break!
  • remaining phlegm/mucus can be rubbed off with a soft tissue
  • after that simply wet the prosthesis with water and replace it

  • additional cleaning: in case you have stubborn phlegm/mucus on your glass eye prosthesis, you can place your prosthesis in vinegar (normal vinegar used for cooking/eating) for 10 minutes and the phlegm dissolves. After that it’s important to rinse the prosthesis with water before replacing
  • if you don’t wear your prosthesis, store it in a dry box
  • glass eye prostheses should be exchanged/made new after a year

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